Sunday, May 15, 2005

American Head Charge - Cowards

Normally I hate videos that are all story based you don't see the band in it, but this is definately one of the more fun ones I've seen as it features UFC fighter Chuck Lidell and the track is taken off the UFC Ultimate Beatdowns Vol.1 CD.
The video basically sees Lidell going through a bad day, and some of the situations are things I'm sure most of us have come accross at one time or another.
He wakes up in the morning and is out of toothpaste. His water-pressure goes down while he's in the shower, and then his milk has gone bad while having breakfast. As he makes his way to his car, he steps on a dog turd left by his neighbours dog. When he goes to confront the neighbour, she sprays him with a hose and he just walks off. He reaches to the store to buy some milk and wants to pay for it with his credit card, but the guy behind the counter tells hims its cash only. Lidell again walks off. He goes to the laundry and some homeboy wannabe steals his dryer while his back is turned. He then gets cut off by some guy in the parking lot who blocks his way and simply walks off. Lidell is then seen walking by some guy who tosses a box at him and doesn't appologise, and he then fronts with Lidell asking him to do something about. Lidell walks on. Lidell finally hits the gym and we see him suit up and begin his work out.
So is the moral of the story that even a tough guy like Chuck Lidell turns the other cheek in these situations? HELL NO! We then see what really happened in all those scenarios, mixed in with footage of Lidell doing what he does best in the Octagon. The neighbour that sprayed him with the hose? He tied her up with the hose! The clerk at the store? Locked him in the freezer! The dumbass at the laudrymat? Locked in the dryer! The guy that cut him off at the parking locked? Locked him up in his own car trunk! And the tough guy that fronted with him? Tied to a pole and given a wedgie!
Video ends with Lidell getting back into his car and giving a big sigh. It's tough being a tough guy! Great video, and I'm sure many can relate to the story it tells, wanting to kick the crap out of the people that annoy us on a daily basis.
Definately recommended to check out!
Video Rating: ****


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