Friday, October 06, 2006

Disturbed - Land of Confusion

Disturbed put a nu-metal twist to this classic Phil Colins-era Genesis track, with a video directed and animated by the legendary Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame.
Much like the original video by Genesis was a cry against war, so is this version which features a faceless hooded hero who starts off falling from the sky to get chained up in a basement somewhere. We than see world leaders arguing at a round table, with a big shadowy figure who's manipulating them and getting them to invoke marshall law on their countries or something like it. The hooded hero escapes and confronts the armies, and the people unite behind him showing their 10,000 fists (like the name of the album) and go at it with the armed forces. Getting past them, they make their way to the big man pulling the strings and he gets taken out by our hero who than flies off into space.
I really liked the song more than the video, as McFarlane's animated piece can't hold a candle to the original Genesis video that used puppets from the Splitting Image studios. Still a strong video though.
Video Rating: ***


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