Friday, August 04, 2006

Rebel Meets Rebel (CD)

One of the last recordings featuring the late Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott, with his brother Vinnie Paul on drums, Pantera bassist Rex on bass, and country singer David Alan Coe on vocals/guitar. This was actually recorded before the Damageplan sessions, but only released now. I could only imagine how things could have been if they had released this CD before the Damageplan CD as the mix of country and metal here is a ton of fun to listen to!
Dubbed as a renegade singer (Cole) meets outlaw band (Dime & Vinnie), from start to finish this is a great and fun album to listen to as they forge their country metal style so well with Dime's shredding signature guitar style, Vinnie's heavy drumming and Cole's calm country mannered vocals.
This is highly recommended listening material, and like they mention in the CD, this could indeed be a sign of the times as I've noticed that some of the more memorable albums to come out this year have been by bands that are mixing together coutry music with hard rock/metal sounds; like Fireball Ministry and Scissorfight. Think I'll go and dig up the latest Nashville P*ssy album if I can find it and give it a listen.
CD Rating: ****1/2


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