Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick Hits

Quick reviews of what I've been listening to recently

Hed P.E. - Only in America
I had high expectations from these nu-metallers, but their latest album is one big let down, mostly due to the fact that they try too hard to be "gangsta cool" and curse way too much on almost every song that even I feel a bit embarrased to be listening to them rapping about wanting to rape your girl and such. The best parts are songs near the end where they don't curse and sound more genuine and not forced. A big dissapointment overall.
CD Rating: **

The 69 Eyes - Devils
Their 2004 album. I really dig the mix of Billy Idol style rock meets Type O Negative style goth that they do. Easy to listen to and nothing objectionable.
CD Rating: ****

Morningwood - Morningwood
Catchy techno-pop-rock with cutesy female vocals despite taking their name from what you call a boner when you wake up in the morning. You gotta admire their song writting skills to able to incorporate their band name into a catchy verse on the first single "The Nth Degree".
CD Rating: ***

Cryptopsy - Once Was Lost
Good old fashioned death metal, with all the machine gun bass drums, hyper speed riffs, inhuman vocals, and lyrics of the macaber and anti-religious you'd expect from the genre.
CD Rating: ***1/2


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