Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fireball Ministry - Their Rock Is Not Our Rock (CD)

Now this is another interesting change. Fireball Ministry give a unique old-school sound, and they do such a good job of it at times you think your listening to an old Motorhead or Ozzy album! Vocalist/Guitarist James A. Rota II's voice bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Lemmy or Ozzy that you'd think they were doing guest vocals or something!
While there's a distinct southern flare to their sound, and it does feel like it could have been better mixed, it's also quite catchy and some of the tracks stick in your head after a while.
If your tired of all the nu-metal, extreme-metal, etc. that's out there now, and yearn for something from the old days but with a modern twist, than I recommend paying a visit to this Ministry and find out why their brand of rock is different and worth rocking out to!
CD Rating: ***1/2


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