Friday, March 10, 2006

As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights

Christian metalers As I Lay Dying return with their latest video offering where they "up the production budget" by a bit. Aside from the usual shots of the band jamming, there's a bit of a story involved and circles around their Christianic beliefs if I'm not mistaken, as the video features what looks to be Moses & Mary (with baby Jesus?) fleeing from a town being invaded by marauders (who bare resemblance to the Wraiths from Lord of the Rings) that slash away at villagers and set fire to buildings.
Once they are out of the town, for some reason the Moses-type dude leaves behind Mary and the baby, and after running out on his own for a bit runs into the cloacked baddies who proceed to slash him up. So Mary is now all alone and she races up the hill till she comes to the seaside. The baddies catch up to her and chase her accross the beach until they run into the cavalry, a bunch of Arabian-Knights looking warriors all decked out in white.
So both sides go at it with poor Mary hunched down in the middle of it. When she finally looks up after it's all over, the good guys in white have won. They take her to their camp where she meets up with other survivors from the town and everyone gathers around, oogling the baby as a sign of future hope. Aww.
Great video overall for one the best tracks of their Shadows Are Security album. Some good production value so I guess their label is pushing them since they do deserve all the exposure they can get.
Video Rating: ****


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