Monday, September 11, 2006

(hed) PE - Back 2 Base X

After the really dissapointing "Only In America" album last year, which was nothing more than a left and right swear-fest, (hed)PE return to the sound that made them great, as in the title, they went back to basics! (hed)PE could best be described as "Linkin Park with Balls", as they can do a good job of molding rap, rock, punk & raggae all in to one and do a good job of it too.
Unlike the really directionless "Only In America", "Back 2 Base X" seems more natural and sincere in it's delivery. And the bottomline is they go about it having fun at the same time too with a bunch of snappy fun tracks "Lock & Load" and "Beware Do We Go". As well as the must hear track "Novus Ordus Clitoros". All the things that made them fun to listen to in the first place, and definately recommended.
CD Rating: ***1/2


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