Monday, September 04, 2006

Kurt and Courtney (DVD)

So I watched this one recently and it really doesn't answer anything at all about whether or not Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed to prevent him from divorcing her and cutting off her meal ticket to fame. The documentary does paint a picture of Courtney being a control freak and somewhat of an egomaniac two-headed snake, bashing the press when she was a junkie, and embracing them now that she's trying to be a big Hollywood star. It also was rather hypocritical of the foundation that advocates free speech to cut off the guy when he confronted them at their annual dinner.
It also does make you wonder regarding the circumstances behind Kurt's death that he had in inhuman amount of cocaine in his blood when he died, and it would have been enough alone to kill him as he wouldn't have had the time to even pick up the gun and blow his head off before he OD'd.
Still, there isn't a whole lot to this one other than learning a bit about Kurt Cobain's past, growing up and founding the grunge movement with Nirvana. Whether it's fact or just a conspiracy, you be the judge.


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