Friday, August 11, 2006

Wicked Wisdom (CD)

Who would have thought that a band fronted by actress Jada Pinkett Smith (aka Mrs. Will Smith) could rock this hard and even score a spot on last year's Ozzfest tour?
This is definately a very heavy sounding album, certainly not expected from Mrs. Smith. There are a lot of heavy guitars and machine gun drums that will please the ear of many metalheads. But I think the only problem is that Mrs. Smith seriously needs to work on her vocals a bit. She has a nice growl, but she doesn't use it enough, and most of what she spews just doesn't seem to match the rhythm of the music. She definately needs to learn to synchronise better as what she does now sounds more like she's reading lines off a script rather than actually venting out her aggression.
There's always room for improvement on the next album, so I'll definately be keeping an eye on them. Not a bad first effort, and recommended if your a fan of Kittie.
CD Rating: ***

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