Monday, September 19, 2005

Chimaira - Nothing Remains

Said to be written after learning about the tragic shooting of Dimebag Darrell last year, Nothing Remains is the first single of Chimaira's awesome new self titled album, and is also the opening track of it.
Interesting storyline to the video, as we see the band jamming in a club, scenes of a chick and an unfaced guy are shown arranging a meeting through a chat room. They than show hints that the guy is a psycho as they show torture devices like whips and such all around his place. The two than meet at the club where the band are jamming and go back to her place where the guy removes his hoodie to reveal that it's the band's vocalist Mark Hunter! So they make out a bit and head to the bedroom where Mark gets tied to the bed and we than discover that the chick is the psycho as the video ends. Nice to see something different in a video other than just the usual band jamming in a dimly lit place videos that are all over the place.
As for the track, it was a killer way to kick off the album and show the new direction the band is heading in, leaving it's industrial new metal sound behind in favor of a heavier more metal sound. A great track overall.
Video Rating: ****


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