Monday, July 18, 2005

DevilDriver - Hold Back The Day

Dez Faffara and DevilDriver return with a highly anticipated new album entitled "The Fury of Our Maker's Hand". This firs single off the album starts off as a quiet finger plucking tune, but gradually turns into an all out metal-fest as we see the band jamming with all these psychedalic backgrounds behind them, reminiscent of the old Black Sabbath "Paranoid" video. It's actually almost just like it, save for they added some freaky elements to the backdrops like a huge pair of eyes watching the band and some scenes of the Grim Reaper. All the wild we see the now long haired Farrara and DD thrashing away as they jam. The video ends with the camera zooming out to reveal that the band were jamming in the eye (or head?) of the Grim Reaper!
This is a true headbanger's song, and a great lead track off the album which I highly recommend checking out. Review of the album itself is coming soon.
Video Rating: ****


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