Sunday, July 03, 2005

AHC guitarist passes away

When I picked up the latest issue of Revolver magazine yesterday, I was shocked to read that American Head Charge guitarist Bryan Ottosan had passed away on 4/20/05 while on tour due to overdose of perscription drugs. He was found in his bunk on the tour bus by his band mates. Despite the heavy loss, the band will continue touring with Benji Hellberg filling in Ottosan's guitar duties.
Times have been hard for the AHC as they fell off the radar for a few years due to some unhealthy habits, but managed to rebound earlier this year with the release of their much anticipated second major label release, "The Feeding", which received rave reviews, and I myself found it to be one of the best metal releases I've heard in a while. Expect a review from me soon.

Rest in Peace, Bryan Ottosan.

*EDIT: Freaky. Just found out that Ottosan was the same age as me as we were born in the same year.


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