Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rammstein - Benzin

The first single off the upcoming album "Rosenrot", the video sees the six-piece German industrial pyromaniacs in the unlikely role of fire fighters! But they aren't ordinary fire fighters as their fire truck is a HUGE ten-monster wheel truck and they plow through everything in their path to get to the scene of the emergency! They plow up the roads, smash through a train and uproot trees as they we see them day dreaming of doing heroic deeds of saving lives like firemen should. We also see scenes of the band jamming while smoke is coming off their charred clothes!
They overturn their truck as they reach the scene of the emergency, which happens to be their keyboardist about to jump off a very tall building in a suicide attempt. The guys get out a big net to try and catch him as he jumps, but then sheet starts to tear and the band members are like "uh-oh..." as the video comes to a comedic end!
Once again Rammstein have made a great video like almost everything else in their videography. A fun video definately worth checking out.
Video Rating: ****1/2


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